WCEF+Climate Pre-Events

In the run-up to the WCEF+Climate conference on 15 and 16 April 2021, the Netherlands and partners are hosting various WCEF+Climate pre-events. Please read on for more information on these events and how you can participate.

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Side events

The Circular Climate Booster

The Circular Climate Booster, organised by the Dutch Ministry for Infrastructure and Water Management and run by Holland Circular Hotspot and Springtide International, consists of two webinars on 7 April and a live public event on 12 April dedicated to two topics with global momentum that have a severe impact on climate change: textiles and plastics.

The two webinars provide platforms to best practices that contribute to a circular economy and are combatting climate change. The webinars want to identify conditions for change and opportunities to scale, and to create a space for collaboration.

The outcomes will be presented and discussed at a live broadcasted, international roundtable with high-level policymakers.

Roundtable: Circular Climate Booster: going circular faster

12 April, 16:00 - 17:00 CEST

The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management will host a high-level roundtable meeting as a prelude to the two sessions of the World Circular Economy Forum in the Netherlands (15-16 April) and in Canada (autumn 2021). Stientje van Veldhoven, the Dutch Minister for the Environment and responsible for the circular economy, and high-level officials from other countries will address the conditions needed to speed up the circular economy. The roundtable follows the two webinars on textiles and plastics in which industries and organisations from all over the world shared their best practices on a circular economy and climate change. They also brought forward the conditions they need from world leaders to strengthen their initiatives and business models.

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African Circular Economy Alliance (ACEA) – Annual Meeting

14-15 April, online

Since its inception, ACEA has held Annual Meetings alongside other major events, including the World Economic Forum on Africa and the Rwanda-led Africa Green Growth Summit. These meetings are an opportunity for the co-chairs and members to come together to set ACEA’s agenda and for meaningful public-private interactions on the circular economy. This year, the ACEA Annual Meeting will take place on the sidelines of the World Circular Economy Forum + Climate (15-16 April) on 14 and 15 April.

The 2021 Annual Meeting will focus on the outcomes of the market research “Five Big Bets for the Circular Economy in Africa” report, which was conducted by ACEA to identify prospects for the circular economy on the continent. Five opportunity areas were identified as highly promising to enable Africa’s transition to a circular economy development model that drives economic activities, jobs creation, and environmental conservation. These big bets include: food systems, packaging, built environment, fashion & textiles, and electronics.

The ACEA Annual Meeting comprises a series of events, including a public session to launch the report, two thematic workshops, and a private governance round table of the Alliance’s co-chairs and member countries.

ACEA Annual Meeting – Public Session: Launch of the Report “Five Big Bets for the Circular Economy in Africa”

15 April, 11:00 - 12:15 CEST

This public session will share the findings of the eponymous report and invite key stakeholders involved in driving the circular agenda forward to share their interventions. The session will also uncover the Alliance’s upcoming activities. Questions from the audience will be answered in a panel session.

This public session is hosted by the World Economic Forum and will be livestreamed. Please register in advance.

For more information about the ACEA, visit http://www.aceaafrica.org/.