Let’s dive deeper into the circular economy

Contributions by our partners:

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time. A circular economy can play a crucial role in tackling this crisis. A circular economy entails using raw materials more smartly and carefully, thus avoiding waste and pollution. This could be done by stimulating the sharing economy such as car sharing, as well as by the smart reuse of materials. Circularity goes far beyond just recycling waste. Changing the entire chain as part of the transition to a circular economy will help bring about a sustainable economy and better living conditions. Innovation and collaboration are core to this transition.

Reducing carbon emissions

In its national climate agreement, the Netherlands’ target is to reduce its CO2 emissions with 49% by 2030. The Netherlands will also take extra measures to achieve the higher EU goals in line with the European Green Deal. Circularity is an important cornerstone of the Netherlands’ climate plans and the EU’s action plan for the circular economy as well as the European Green Deal. The Netherlands is aiming to reduce its consumption of primary raw materials by fifty percent by 2030, and to be fully circular by 2050.

Finland aims at reaching carbon-neutrality by 2035, and to be the world’s first fossil-free welfare society. The means to achieve the target include new decisions on climate policy and nearly emissions-free electricity and heat production by the end of 2030s, as well as reducing the carbon footprint of building, promoting a circular economy, and a climate-friendly food policy.

Global conference

To be able to bring about this transition to a circular economy we need international cooperation. WCEF+Climate is a global conference that brings together experts in the field of climate change and experts in the field of circular economy to discuss the possibilities of a circular economy.

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